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Submitted on
January 3


13 (who?)
Hello everyone!!:iconsayhiplz: Here comes the first round of the tournament! The numbers have run and the pairs have been set!! BUT first a few important things to keep in mind....


Bullet; Green Have fun!! OMG MOAR POEMS! The most important part that some people tend to forget....xD

Bullet; Green Sound a bit typical, but we'll judge creativity and effort, not only how good is the drawing :D so colouring, a simple background.... it all helps ;) (you don't have to do complex backgrounds if you don't want or have time to)

Bullet; Red Very important thing: please keep in mind that 50% of people will be eliminated in the first round, so don't be mad if you don't pass!!Grr.  You'll have another chance if i do another tournament in the future ;)

Bullet; Red Meet the deathline! I'll give aprox 2-3 weeks for every round (if i give more than that the tournament will last forever @.@) If you have any problem tell me, but try to get the work done by the day :stinkeye:

Bullet; Red As a reminder: i won't allow yaoi, yuri, hentai or similars.

Bullet; Blue If someone doesn't present her entry by the deathline or have to abandon the tournament by any circumstances, will be disqualifyed and his oponent will pass automatically to the next round I salute you! (sorry for the rest of the participants in case it happened xD)

Bullet; Blue When you're about to submit an entry: on the title of the deviation you have to put your number followed by the title you choose; to make the judging thing easier i need this little colaboration :hug: You'll find the numbers of the list at the bottom of the journal. When you finish send me the link to the picture :D

Bullet; Blue You'll find all the entries here:…

Bullet; Orange  If you have any questions, feel free to ask whatever!!:D (Big Grin) And any problem.... tell me too ^^

Star! JUDGES: we have another judge with us Clap  so be sure the decision will be taken by 5 people, for sure it won't be rigged xDD
:iconarvatzc:  :iconkhforeverwithyou:  :iconanim3manga: :iconredfiedsawnroberts: :iconotacon92:

Star! PRICES: you'll find them at the bottom of the journal, i've upload them because a donation, and if prices increase again you'll find it there :iconheplz:

Star! DEATHLINE (i almost forgot that part xDD) This time, making it fit with my exams, the deathline will be 23 january until 0:00 (okay i won't be picky if someone upload it a bit late, but don't leave it until the last moment....:stinkeye: ). I think there's plenity of thime.... So I'll announce the winners and the next round settings on 25-26 january.

So that's all, let's go to the buisness Spotlight :eager: by darkmoon3636Spotlight 

Is the first round, so it has been hard to choose ^^; finally here it is *dramatic drums* music inspiration!!:music:Jamming to tunes  You may say is typical but i've chosen something not very specific for the first round, and as i love that topic...>w< So you have to choose a song you like and draw what it inspires to you, is just that simple :D You can choose any kind of music, but be sure to write in the description the name of the song or put a link, cuz i'd love to hear the songs and see the drawing >w< If case someone needs it, i can give you some suggestions :D (but if you use a song i like it WON'T affect to my decision about the winner :stinkeye: xD)

So, here is the person you'll face this time Mwahahahahahahaha! (search for your name and your character there xD)


1 by Arvatzc

2 by Arvatzc

3 by Arvatzc

4 by Arvatzc

5 by Arvatzc

6 by Arvatzc

7 by Arvatzc

8 by Arvatzc

9 by Arvatzc

10 by Arvatzc

11 by Arvatzc

12 by Arvatzc

13 by Arvatzc

14 by Arvatzc

15 by Arvatzc

16 by Arvatzc

sorry is a bit long ^^; but i wanted to do the pics big, they look cooler 8D And if i wrote someone's name wrong notice me and i'll fix it

Bullet; Pink I guess that's everything from now, good luck AND LET'S DRAW!!!:iconranranruuplz:

Star! PRICES Juggle  cuz there has been a little increase because a donation >w<

Bullet; Purple 1st place: 310 Points  in total ò.ó
190 Points
100 Points from :iconkadajspira:
20 Points from :iconaabrgermanyloovins98:
3 llamas :bademoticon: from me :iconkhforeverwithyou: and :icontophlee:
2 drawings from me
1 drawing from :iconkhforeverwithyou:
1 drawing from :icontophlee:
a sketch from :iconengie-delane:
a coloured sketch by :iconthunderspade:

Bullet; Purple 2nd place
120 Points
3 llamas :bademoticon: from me :iconkhforeverwithyou: and :icontophlee:
1 drawing from me
1 drawing from :iconkhforeverwithyou:
1 drawing from :icontophlee:
a sketch from :iconengie-delane:

Bullet; Purple 3rd place
80 Points
3 llamas :bademoticon: from me :iconkhforeverwithyou: and :icontophlee:
1 drawing from me
1 drawing from :iconkhforeverwithyou:
1 drawing from :icontophlee:
a sketch from :iconengie-delane:

Bullet; Purple 4th place
60 Points  from:iconthunderspade:
1 llama :bademoticon: 
1 drawing from me

  1. Tophlee95
  2. Jogagirl
  3. Awacanier 
  4. Kaiyaru
  5. Thunderspade
  6. Ameneko98
  7. Elegant107
  8. Zombie21112 
  9. Forestlovergreen
  10. Kuroiifeather
  11. Engie-delane
  12. Alice723
  13. Sapphyst
  14. Rainbowsparklebitch 
  15. Puppet-poppet
  16. Lauraamen
  17. Halestorm98 
  18. Luna008 
  19. Kkboombox
  20. Alucardfangirl1998 
  21. ReyJJJ 
  22. Kadajspira
  23. Wildreveang
  24. Yurikochan3
  25. ViperiumPrime
  26. Nixi-hiraniwashi
  27. Shoyzz
  28. AnimeDogz
  29. Namelessobsidian22
  30. Kawaiicupcake-chan
  31. Zuntherxpro
  32. Thatoneoddity

PARTICIPANTS: (let's try to use the mention thing.... let's see if it works xDD)

alice723, Tophlee, RainbowSparkleBitch, luna008, Kkboombox, KuroiiFeather, ForestLoverGreen, jogagirl, ameneko98, ThunderSpade, zombie21112, lauraamen, Awacanier, Puppet-Poppet, Engie-DeLane, Halestorm98, juncchi, sapphyst, elegant107, alucardfangirl1998, Shoyzz, nixi-hiraniwashi, ReyJJJ, KadajSpira, ViperiumPrime, Wildreveang, KawaiiCupCake-Chan, NamelessObsidian22, ZuntherXPro, AnimeDogz, ThatOneOddity, YurikoChan3
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NamelessObsidian22 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014  Student Digital Artist
so what do you think of my entry?
Arvatzc Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014
is really cool!^^ but so creepy... xD
NamelessObsidian22 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Creepy? How come?
Arvatzc Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014
don't know, i guess its cuz the main colours are black and red.... is just the feeling i get :D
ReyJJJ Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconelfuerteplz: :iconsaysplz: Who won the first round?
Arvatzc Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014
haha we're judging!!^^ you'll know it tomorrow xDD
ReyJJJ Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
 :iconfei-longplz: :iconsaysplz: I looossst!
Engie-DeLane Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014  Student Writer
Auuuugh I am goig to explode from the anticipation!! :iconexcitedblushplz:
Arvatzc Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2014
haha wait a bit, judgin takes more time that what i thought....^^;
it's so hard to decide T-T
ameneko98 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Me too! :iconheadacheplz:
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