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Submitted on
November 8, 2013


10 (who?)
Hello everyone!! Arvatzc here :iconbrightfutureplz: I have been wanting to do a contest for a long time, and now i have enough points i have decided not to do a contest, in fact i’ll do..........*dramatic drums*....................A TOURNAMENT!!!:icontuzkiyesplz:
(only if i get enough people....:icontuzkifreezeplz:)

So, i’ve been searching a bit to see how people do this, but i couldn’t find any tournament Ò.Ó so I don’t know if this is a copyed idea, have been done before or whatever :eager: by darkmoon3636 , but sounds so cool that I MUST do it!! :iconherotimeplz::iconfanplz:

Okay, probably everyone knows how a tournament works, but i'll explain it just in case: a tournament is like a contest but in this case the participants have little battles face-to-face with an opponent to pass to the next round, where that winner faces another opponent; and continues like this since there's only one left.....the ultimate winner!!!:icononioncleanplz: So basically i'll put you in pairs and the winner will pass to the next round.

Bullet; Blue In each round i'll give different themes for you :icononistressplz: and you'll have to draw something realted.... There won't be a general theme for the whole tournament, it can be anything but i guess mostly fanart (anime, manga, games, movies, tv series, books..... whatever you want :D If you have doubts if something is allowed or not you can ask me ;) but no ocs..... :iconcreepyonionplz:) For example, if i say that the theme is "fighting" (is an example, that won't be a theme xD) you'll have to draw a character you like facing his enemy, or maby his friend, or make the battle end in a funny way, or a comic..... use your imagination!!!:iconwatchitplz:

Bullet; Green If you want to participate leave a comment, a message or send me a note or whatever so i put you in the list here. You have to tell me you wanna be in and choose a representative character for you (lol, copied from youtube's tournaments xDD This doesn't mean you'll have to draw always this character, is just the picture that will go with your name (it'll be your face, basically) For example, you can choose Sora, from Kingdom Hearts or who you want.....) haha lol sorry, maby is a bit stupid but i just like the idea xDD) Remember that once the tournament starts you cannot join!! So now is your chance.... do it, it'll be so fun!!!^^ :iconrunforlifeplz: And once you're in you can't go back!:iconplanningplz: xD just joking, just tell me if you want to leave xD

Bullet; Green I won't say "you must do a journal advertising blah blah", if you want you can advertise the tournament: make a journal, tell your friends.... even if you're not participating. More people means more rounds and more fun!!:hug: Here's a kiss for you, my love!

Bullet; Green Same for the watch: i'll send messages to everyone with the rules, rounds, winners, etc. Watch me if you like my art, or if you want you can watch me and unwatch me once the contest is over, don't feel bad about it Dance! xDD

Bullet; Green Obviously, have lots of fun!!^^ that's what i made the tournament for.....OMG MOAR POEMS! 

Bullet; Green If you think "i won't join cuz my art is bad"......WRONG ANSWER!!I'm going to slap some sense into you!  You don't have to be super talented, i'll judge creativity and effort too ^^, but anyway put your soul in every drawing :iconfinallyplz: hehehe okay no, but do it the best you can :la::la::la::nuu::la::la:

Bullet; Red You have to meet the deathlines! :iconsaiyanplz: If you know you won't have time to finish your entries..... (i'm sad to say it but...) don't enter!! For each round you'll have a month to finish your entries. You have plenity of time, so i won't give an extension unless someone really REALLY needs it....:stinkeye: (i don't like giving extensions but i'm not that heartless xD)

Bullet; Red I won't allow yaoi, yuri, hentai or stuff like that, i'm sorry. And if you read all the rules coment happy cow in your coment below, if you don't do it i won't not allow you to enter, mwahahahaaa....

Bullet; Orange All the settings and details will be explained once the tournament starts.

Any questions are welcome :D

Star! PRICES (what everybody wants...Juggle ) There are not much prices, if someone wants to donate it'd be cool :tighthug: (and YES you can donate and also participate :D)

Bullet; Purple 1st place: 310 Points  in total ò.ó
190 Points
100 Points from :iconkadajspira:
20 Points from :iconaabrgermanyloovins98:
3 llamas from me :iconkhforeverwithyou: and :icontophlee:
2 drawings from me
1 drawing from :iconkhforeverwithyou:
1 drawing from :icontophlee:
a sketch from :iconengie-delane:

Bullet; Purple 2nd place
100 Points
3 llamas from me :iconkhforeverwithyou: and :icontophlee:
1 drawing from me
1 drawing from :iconkhforeverwithyou:
1 drawing from :icontophlee:
a sketch from :iconengie-delane:

Bullet; Purple 3rd place
70 Points
3 llamas from me :iconkhforeverwithyou: and :icontophlee:
1 drawing from me
1 drawing from :iconkhforeverwithyou:
1 drawing from :icontophlee:
a sketch from :iconengie-delane:

Maby there'll be a 4th place, and i'll feature the finalists or some honorable mentions so they can have a little price too ^^ (i'm sorry, i don't have points for everyone @.@)

CLOSED BY NOW!!! i got so many participants, thanks people >w< If this cames out to be cool i'll do another next year or whenever...xDD

Bullet; Black PARTICIPANTS Bullet; Black (plus representative character)
  1. Tophlee95  - Raggedy princess -
  2. Jogagirl - Emma Swan -
  3. Awacanier  - Magikarp -
  4. Juncchi  - Aomine Daiki -
  5. Thunderspade - Sylveon -
  6. Ameneko98 - Dot -
  7. Elegant107 - detective Conan -
  8. Zombie21112 - Hideyoshi -
  9. Forestlovergreen - Finn -
  10. Kuroiifeather - Roxas -
  11. Engie-delane - Nyan Cat -
  12. Alice723 - Howl -
  13. Sapphyst - Astrid - 
  14. Rainbowsparklebitch - Eevee -
  15. Puppet-poppet - Feferi -
  16. Lauraamen - Heather Manson -
  17. Halestorm98 - Gir - 
  18. Luna008 - Fairy Yuna - 
  19. Kkboombox - Rukia Kuchiki -
  20. Alucardfangirl1998 - Ryner Lute - 
  21. ReyJJJ - El Fuerte - 
  22. Kadajspira - Kadaj -
  23. Wildreveang - Talon -
  24. Yurikochan3 - Juvia -
  25. ViperiumPrime - Megatron -
  26. Nixi-hiraniwashi - Megurine Luka -
  27. Shoyzz - Ventus -
  28. AnimeDogz - L -
  29. Namelessobsidian22 - Black Rock Shooter -
  30. Kawaiicupcake-chan - Misa Amane -
  31. Zuntherxpro - Deoxys -
  32. </span>Thatoneoddity - GLadoS -


THE PLACES ARE FILLED, so the tournament is finally about to start!!>w<
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Archsider Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
lol the journal cracked me up xDD
Arvatzc Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014
haha lol why??xD
Archsider Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
y'know why, its hilarious ,funny ,cute and entertaining the same time xD
Arvatzc Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014
hahaha cool xD if you like the idea and i organize another one you can participate xD
Archsider Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
hahahah sure think :D
I was a bit late in this one
Arvatzc Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2014
hah yeah, bad luck xD but i'll keep a place for you in the next one xD
Archsider Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
alright thats a deal :')
Arvatzc Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2014
hey, now i think about it, as you can't participate do you want to help me with this one??^^ You can be a judge or help me with the themes, etc :D
(1 Reply)
Arvatzc Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2014
sure thing ;)
Kaiyaru Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Can I still join..? Because the journal title says "closed" but then there's this "you can join until 10th january 2014" thing sooo..? XD

um, happy cow?
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